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The Playlist Visits the Coffee Art Studio

The Coffee Artists have some very exciting news! The PlayList visited the Coffee Art studio in early January and interviewed Andy and Angel about their love of art, coffee and creating original artwork. The Coffee Artists shared their passion of creating art together and their exciting new ideas for future creations.

Coffee Art The Playlist Screenshot

Below is the full Coffee Art interview:

Coffee itself is interesting as a medium just because of the different qualities it can possess. It can paint like a watercolor or an acrylic. So it can be energizing and inspiring, of course! And then the fun part about it is a lot of people have a connection to coffee, a love of coffee, things that they would do just for a cup of coffee.

We both like painting with all kinds of things, and we both created and started dating and we like going to Beaner’s Coffee shop.

Since our first exhibition was taking place in a coffee house, let’s try use coffee as a medium. So we tried different ideas of how to incorporate coffee into the artwork.

We tried to draw with the coffee bean, didn’t work too well. A roasted coffee bean – you would think it would be like charcoal – but no. We tried some other things, like using it like a pigment and then just knowing that coffee stains we though “Let’s try it like a watercolor.”

Our first paintings were very different. Over the years we’ve learned and just discovered different techniques to get what we want. It’s very refined now and we don’t really think about what we’re doing specifically to make it happen anymore. We just do it, and we know what we need. If I need it fuzzy, I dry off my brush a little more, but keep it just the right dampness.

Working with coffee is very much like watercolor but it also has aspects of acrylics or oils where you can get these really nice textures onto the painting. You can play with that as well.

Since we’re working with just the color of coffee – the other elements are contrast, lines, and things have to be really strong to make that piece really feel good.

It’s a great conversation piece. There is a lot of humor and very whimsical so I think you can only have fun when you are painting with coffee.

We can take our paintings and bring into it a computer animation software and then make a thirty second film out of it and make it really come to life and they can be shared anywhere.

It’s fun to be working in a few different mediums with one piece.

I think it’s going be a lot of fun to keep working with that.

I think if something is interesting to me, I think somebody else will hopefully find it interesting as well.

Because art is so subjective, everyone will like a certain style or certain subject matter. So as long as you are pleasing yourself artistically, I think there’s going to be someone else out there who will get it.

I think this is just a couple in love going down a fjord in Norway and stopping halfway down the mountain to bring out the thermos and “Cheers!” to a hot cup of coffee. You can almost hear them clinking.

As time has gone on, we gotten to know each other in our strengths. It is nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and someone you trust, and someone that you know is artistic and creative. You trust their abilities.

It is fantastic to be able to collaborate with the person you are in love with. We can create art together, I think, is very special. To have two signatures on a canvas it really unique and I think it’s wonderful.

Here is an animation of The Playlist logo created out of coffee:


Coffee Art The Playlist Filming
Special thanks to Karen Sunderman and Steve Ash at The Playlist for creating a wonderful segment!! The Coffee Artists are very happy on how it turned out!

Coffee Art The Playlist Karen-Sunderman
Angel, Karen Sunderman and Andy at The Playlist production studio