Coffee Art® – Creating art out of a cup of coffee

New website arriving in 2024!

The Coffee Artists™ are Angel Sarkela-Saur and Andrew Saur, and they have been painting with coffee for over a decade which they call Coffee Art®. Together, they developed a process and technique of painting with coffee. People have been using coffee as washes for sketches and other shading for some time, but this revolutionary process used to gain very dark hues is groundbreaking. The Coffee Artists™ take pride in their creations. They concentrate on creating fine art and the communication of their works using this new medium.

The Coffee Artists™ were recently featured on The Big Ten Network’s “Campus Eats” see below:


Announcing new works of Coffee Art®!

  • Coffee Love

Minnesota Original filmed the Coffee Artists™ recently and below is the documentary:


As a creative team, they have reinvented coffee as a painting medium – it’s not just an added gimmick, but rather a full-fledged commitment to a complete exploration of the medium’s potential. Coffee Art® has grown into a comprehensive and professional studio practice shaped by their combined talents. Along the way, Coffee Art® has garnered critical and popular acclaim, generating interest from a wide range of sources, and generating international invitations to show and discuss their work.

Their Coffee Art® has received global attention and has attracted a strong following. The Coffee Artists™ have been featured in multiple news stories, documentaries and have been profiled on the Food Network’s “Unwrapped.” In addition to their media exposure, the Coffee Artists™ have exhibited work most recently in Milan and Athens, across the United States, Europe, and the United States Embassies in Malawi, Africa and Bogotá, Colombia.

Along with creating their Coffee Art® paintings, they have produced animations of their paintings. On the animations page of this site, their Coffee Art® paintings come to life in short film format.

The Coffee Artists™ invite you to peruse their online gallery for a more complete understanding of their works and to learn more about them.

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy their website.