Norsk Hostfest

Angel and Andy are heading to Norsk Høstfest to demonstrate and exhibit their Coffee Art®! They will be there September 26-29 and they will be located at booth 31 in Copenhagen Hall. Norsk Høstfest is the largest Scandinavian festival in North America, drawing tens of thousands of visitors each year.  Along with demonstrating their Coffee […]

Violinist Dentist Custom Painting

The Coffee Artists had a unique challenge presented to them for a commissioned painting. A proud mother inquired about have a Coffee Art® painting created for her son who was graduating with a Performance Degree in Music and Biology and then pursuing a career as a Dentist. She states that he is a beautiful violist […]

UMD Alumni Art Night

Coffee Art exhibited at UMD Alumni Art Night Andy and Angel were honored to be invited to exhibit their Coffee Art® at the first annual UMD Alumni Art Night. They were among dozens of talented artists, writers and photographers. Angel and Andy are proud UMD alums where Andy earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree […]

Why use this medium?

Why use this medium? What is attractive about this medium? With this medium, all I need is a brush, water and coffee. I apply it to paper or canvas. It is one color, but within that one color are so many tones. So much can be expressed and seen with that one medium. So much can be done. […]

Minnesota Original

Minnesota Original featuring Coffee Art The Coffee Artists were invited to demonstrate their coffee painting on the Emmy award winning show, Minnesota Original. They created an original painting onsite at Perkelat Coffee Shop in downtown Saint Paul. It was a snowy February afternoon. The large flakes descended upon the city, while the artists were creating in a […]

The Playlist

The Playlist Visits the Coffee Art Studio The Coffee Artists have some very exciting news! The PlayList visited the Coffee Art studio in early January and interviewed Andy and Angel about their love of art, coffee and creating original artwork. The Coffee Artists shared their passion of creating art together and their exciting new ideas […]