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Coffee Expert – An article about the masters in the unique form of Coffee Art

Below is an article written about the Coffee Artists by the website, Coffee Expert:

A most fascinating and incredibly talented couple is Angel Sarkela Saur and her husband, Andrew Saur. They are masters in the unique form of coffee art. Well now, if you are scratching your head and wondering to yourself just what in the world is coffee art, many images may be conjured in your mind. Just as creative as the brainstorming process of what coffee art entails- picturesque statues of David sculpted in coffee beans, to full-scale visualizations of Jackson Pollack slugging around gallons of java on stark white canvas, is the reality of Angel and Andrew Saurs’ coffee art masterpieces.

The Saurs have chosen coffee as their medium of choice for creating watercolor paintings. This coffee art has produced hues and tones ranging from the subtlest cream to the deepest ebony.

What better combination can one think of, then coffee and art. For years, it was the artistic minded, creatively pondering beatniks that clustered in coffee houses. And now, nearly half a century later, the coffee houses are still brewing new forms of artists.

With art shows displayed in various coffee houses, the Saurs exhibit over 100 coffee art paintings ranging from wildlife, nature, and people.

They are known as the “Coffee Artists” and have had their work requested by many who want to honor a loved one or a beloved pet. Many of their artwork features such requested portraits. Angela painted a beautiful portrait in the honor of her grandmother’s passing. The work, all completed in coffee, is incredibly realistic and truly remarkable.

They have been featured in newspapers, coffee houses, and no doubt this is only a beginning taste of the future publicity they will drink in. When one views this incredibly art form it is hard to deny the exquisite beauty of this coffee art.