A Visit from Erkki Määttänen

Angel and Finnish filmmaker Erkki Määttänen

Erkki Määttänen visits the Coffee Artists for a Finnish documentary

The Coffee Artists were visited by their good friend and Finnish documentary filmmaker, Erkki Määttänen. He was in town on a follow-up on them and other Finnish Americans he was filming. He had shown them some rough cuts of his work on this latest documentary and were quite impressed. They didn’t get a chance to see what he had filmed of them yet and they can not wait until it is finished and released later this year.

Erkki is creating a story about Finnish Americans and about interesting aspects of their lives. For their segment of his documentary, he has about a dozen or so characters that he has been filming, and he chose a still frame from his video. From that still frame, the Coffee Artists are creating coffee paintings. The paintings will be an integral part of the documentary. During the interview of each Finnish American, the coffee painting of that character will be shown, and then be transitioned into the video. It will be a new way of their artwork to be shared, and is a great opportunity to be involved in creating this documentary.

It is slated to air on YLE Finland television and the other Nordic countries sometime next year.

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