“Unwrapped” Coffee Art®

The Food Network show, “Unwrapped,” visits the Coffee Artists to learn more about their Coffee Art.

Coming up next, see how one couple’s caffeinated compulsion takes them from coffee house art house and check out which coffee works best with brushes, just ahead.

Welcome back to a “coffee flavored” Unwrapped. You know many people can start their morning without their joe. In fact, 500 million cups are consumed each day worldwide. We find a couple whose designs on coffee go way beyond just drinking it. They actually use it for artwork. Don’t believe me? Watch.

If you think this is regular art it’s time to wake up and smell the painting.

“Oh yeah, they definitely have a coffee aroma to the painting.” Andy Saur and Angel Sarkela are self-proclaimed “coffee artists” who started dipping their brushes in java three years ago.

“We had an art show coming up at a coffee shop so we’re trying to think of something unique for the show and so we thought well see what we can with coffee.”

So they started off with the bean.

“We tried drawing with the coffee bean… but that didn’t work… So then we decided just tried brewed coffee.”

That perfect cup of joe turns into a watercolor technique that today appears in over a hundred of their paintings.

And in their Duluth, Minnesota studio, Andy and Angel start brewing a pallet of dark browns from espresso in Turkish coffee and lighter colors from regular brew. But before any coffee is applied, all the painting start out with the sketch in a thin coat a few goo.

“We mask off with a material called frisket some areas that we want to remain white. And then our next step is to just put dark details on first.”

For most paintings, one pot will do regardless of brand.

“We haven’t noticed a difference in the color, so that’s all we’re looking for. We’re not worried about the taste.”

When the finished piece dries, the frisket peels away, and the results are….. well, not exact.”

“You don’t know what’s going – how is it going to dry.. how it’s going to affect the different shades of brown. Then you can always add water to get more lighter tones.”

But no matter what shade they’re looking for, they always take their coffee black.

“We don’t use anything but just coffee. So we haven’t tried to experiment with milk or sugar or anything like that.”

The paintings sell for a few hundred dollars in coffee shops, on their just coffee website and by special request.

“We’ve had an embassy in Africa contact us because coffee is their main export and they wanted to have some the coffee art work up at the embassy.”

But no matter what your preference in coffee is, one question remains: Do the paintings have taste?

“Well, we haven’t seen anyone lick our paintings yet, so…. we will wait for that day to come…..”

Did you know the coffee bean is not a bean at all but a part of the fruit? It is actually the seed grown inside a cherry on the coffee tree. Interesting.

Thanks for watching and see us again next time when we unwrap more secrets behind America’s favorite foods.

I’m Marc Summers and I love this…..!

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