Coffee Art KBJR Interview

The Coffee Artists participated in this KBJR interview on March 25, 2002 about their Coffee Art.

In the part of the country, coffee is part of everyday life but Kim Kaiser reports to Northland artists have a new take on this traditional drink.

It’s almost an art form getting that daily jolt of java just right, whether from the shop or from the kitchen. A well brewed cup gives Duluth artist Angel Sarkela a boost.

“I whipped three paintings out one night and I think I had a little extra caffeine that day. It helps!”

But this isn’t for drinking, Angel and her boyfriend Andy Saur have a different use in mind.

“I think we saw I am napkin that had a coffee ring stain on it and we thought ‘Wow, that could be something interesting we could work with!’

And that got their creative juices going. Andy and Angel make ‘coffee art.’ It all starts with a sketch.

“Andy does it a bit more general and I get more detailed with my first sketches.”

When the design is ready, the coffee adds color.

“And so then, we just go and do a wash.” 

No gourmet roasts here, this supermarket brand will do.

“Then it washes like this and that it looks like nothing…! and then once you get the really dark colors..”

With each brush stroke, the coffee reveals a new discovery of texture or color.

“I love the warm tones that you get with the coffee. It’s got good colors.” 

With stronger brews, each layer adds depth and a picture emerges. Sometimes with results that even surprise me! “That’s Kim!”

On another painting, Andy experiments with a really rich look.

“We made a coffee really, really thick…. really like mud almost.”

While he hates the way it tastes, Andy says it’s a great medium.

“I’m really happy with and I’ve never suspected that coffee can make such interesting works.”

The artists aren’t the only ones amazed by their success. Their paintings are on display at Beaner’s coffee shop in West Duluth. Some customers have already paid for the artworks. While others aren’t sold on the idea just yet…

“Sometimes it takes a little while, they’re skeptical, is a really coffee? Are you doing something extra?”

“People don’t feel to realize what or go ‘How come all your works are brown?'” “Well, it’s just coffee!”

Andy and Angel like to paint faces, famous musicians, even self-portraits. Wildlife is also a favorite theme. They have seen folks trying to sniff their art but, so far they haven’t caught anyone sneaking a lick….!

They’re content to sip coffee from their cups instead. In Duluth, Kim Kaiser News 6.

Here’s a look again at the painting of Kim: “Boy it’s just amazing and yes it does have a smell a fresh brewed coffee!”