Tremors Restoration

“Tremors” Restoration

In December 2012,  a couple purchased the original “Tremors” Coffee Art® painting and the artists shipped it to Germany. Recently, the couple married and they had moved to Switzerland.During their move, the “Tremors” painting was damaged by their moving company. The painting was very special to the both of them. The husband was looking for an “unusual” coffee present, and since they also met in a coffee factory, it seemed very appropriate as a wedding gift. She was heartbroken about the painting and contacted the Coffee Artists™ to see if they could restore the painting. Hearing about how sad she was and the artists were also upset that one of their paintings was damaged, they said they would take a look and see what they could do. She then sent the damaged painting. After they artists received the painting, it was, in fact,  severely damaged. After some painstakingly effort, the Tremors restoration was a complete success. The painting is now returned home to the happy couple, Julia and Tim. And they all lived happily ever after…!

Coffee Art Tremors Restoration DamagedQuelle horreur! This is the damaged “Tremors” painting.

Coffee Art Tremors Restoration  SuccessTa da! Here is the successfully restored “Tremors” painting.

Coffee Art Tremors Restoration  Julia and Tim Coffee Art Tremors Restoration  Julia and Tim

Happy Julia and Tim with their “Tremors” painting.

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