Konst i kaffe

Konst i kaffe Coffee Art® was recently published in an article in a Swedish magazine, kaffe &. The unique art received a very nice spread. For the Swedish readers: Efter sin första kaffekopp som var så bitter att det krävdes ett antal matskedar socker och halva koppen grädde, bestämde sig konstnären Andy, för att aldrig […]

Mika Kuokkanen Coffee Art Album Cover

Mika Kuokkanen Album Cover The Coffee Artists™  received a very exciting package in their mail today. It was from their talented Finnish musician friend, Mika Kuokkanen. He just released his latest album “From the Eastwing.”  When he visited them last September, he loved their Coffee Art® and asked if they would be willing to assist with the artwork on […]

Coffee Art Professor for a Day

Professor for a Day Coffee Artist, Angel, was invited to be a “Professor for a Day” at their alma mater, the University of Minnesota Duluth. It is an annual event at the School of Business where alums discuss how the University influenced their lives and where they currently are now in their careers. Angel was on […]

Coffee Art® at the Minnesota State Fair

Coffee Art® at the Minnesota State Fair The Coffee Artists™ have been invited to demonstrate their Coffee Art® at the Minnesota State Fair. It was part of the University of Minnesota event and they were on stage for two hours, working on a coffee painting and answering questions from curious onlookers. It was quite a […]

Coffee Art® featured in ZehnKatzen Times

Coffee Art® featured in ZehnKatzen Times From the ZehnKatzen Times: [art] Coffee–A True Non-Toxic Art Supply! 906. Something like this, you’d think that it should have happened here in the creative coffee-fueled crucible that is Portland, but, alas, no. You can still be amazed by it, tho. Go there: www.coffeeart.com. These amazing artworks are made […]

Maxi Coffee features Coffee Art®

Coffee Art® featured on Maxi Coffee This was a fun little site that the Coffee Artists popped on this past weekend. Their Coffee Art® was featured on Maxi Coffee and was fun to see a blog written about them in French: Peindre avec du café, Andrew et Angel, deux artistes peintres étonnants. Andrew Saur and Angel Sarkela-Saur […]

Coffee Art® featured in La Repubblica

Coffee Art® Featured in Italian Newspaper – La Repubblica Angel and Andrew were featured in a La Repubblica article about their Coffee Art®. The Italian text is below Andrew Saur ed Angel Sarkela-Saur dipingono con il caffè da molti anni. Tutto iniziò, spiegano nel loro sito http://www.coffeeart. com, un’estate quando organizzarono la loro prima esposizione […]

Sisu Café Coffee Art® Exhibition

Coffee Art® Exhibition at the Sisu Café Today, the Coffee Artists™ celebrated their latest Coffee Art® opening at the Sisu Café in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since the Sisu Café is a Finnish-themed coffee & tea house, Angel and Andy exhibited some of their Finnish related creations. Angel and Coffee Art® Exhibition at the Sisu Café Pride in Coffee This […]

Will Work for Food features Coffee Art®

Coffee Art® was featured on Will Work for Food: Color Me Coffee I saw this on yumsugar and I thought this was a really creative way to paint. Why is this painting so unique you ask? For several years, Duluth based artists Andy and Angel Saur have been creating all of their works of art […]

YumSugar features Coffee Art®

YumSugar recently featured Coffee Art® Coffee+Creativity=Art The bf (we’re going to call him Jimmy from now on, okay? I really hate that phrase bf) is really into coffee. As in, we got rid of our microwave counter space in order to make room for the coffee pot, espresso machine, grinder and all the other bits […]