Tonight, the documentary “Kahvilla” aired on YLE TV1 in Finland. The Coffee Artists’ cousins over there were quite excited to see the documentary.

The Coffee Artists™ have been waiting for quite some time for this documentary to air. Their good friend, Erkki Määttänen, from Finland is a documentary filmmaker for the YLE Broadcasting Company. Theyhave known Erkki for years and have loved his film work. When he said that he would like to do a documentary about their Coffee Art®, they were honored.

Erkki has visited them many times over the years on his travels while filming. The footage of the Coffee Artists™  are a couple of years old. They were creating coffee paintings for another documentary he was making. He was filming Finnish American musicians and for each new segment, he wanted to lead with one of their paintings. It was a nice incorporation of their Coffee Art® into his film work.

Here is the description of the documentary:

Tiistai 2.12.2008
YLE TV1 klo 19:40

Duluthissa asuvat Angel Särkelä ja Andy Saur ovat nuoria taitelijoita, jotka tekevät taidettaan kahvilla.

Kesto: 10 minuuttia

When they saw Erkki at this summer’s FinnFest, he gave them this dvd with a big smile on his face. He must have known that they would love it, and they do. He is a big fan of Gidget as well, and you will see her multiple times in this film.

View the Kahvilla film below:

Finnish FIlmmaker, Erkki Määttänen visits with the Coffee Artists

Thank you Erkki and YLE!