Rachael Ray Show featured Coffee Art®

The Rachael Ray Show features Coffee Art®

Earlier in the year, producers from the Rachael Ray Show contacted the Coffee Artists™ to see if they were interested in creating a work of art for the show.  They were thrilled to create a unique work of art for such a large audience. The original Coffee Art® portrait of Rachael Ray was one her favorites and they hope that she will enjoy the work of art. The Coffee Artists™ want to thank The Rachael Ray Show for this opportunity!

After months of anticipation, the show featuring this portrait was about to air. Below is the film clip of the featured  Coffee Art® portrait:

The Coffee Artists™ had a  fun time creating  the portrait. She has a lot of energy and maybe she derives a lot of her energy from coffee!
Coffee Art Rachael Ray Painting
Coffee Art® portrait of Rachael Ray