Coffee Art® interviews on KUWS

Coffee Art® KUWS Interview

Simply C on KUWS  interviewed the Coffee Artists, Angel & Andy, on her 9 O’Clock Meltdown  show. They discussed their Coffee Art®, their inspiration and the future of their unique art. Even some ukulele music is thrown in for good measure! It was a very fun discussion about their beginnings and what they have experienced in creating their Coffee Art®. Simply C also asks them about their international experiences of demonstrations and exhibitions as well as their local ties. Angel also talks about her involvement with a ukulele group and she also gives a performance, take a listen!

Coffee Art - KUWS Interview
Simply C with Andy of Coffee Art®

Coffee Art - KUWS Interview
Angel of Coffee Art® with Simply C

Special thanks to Simply C at KUWS for this great opportunity to discuss their Coffee Art®.

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